How to Buy StockBroker Online

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The process of buying shares online is becoming one of the trends especially with the increasing number of online stock buying and selling services. Buying stocks online makes it easier for us because of faster processes and easy and secure processes. On this occasion we will discuss how to buy stocks online easily.

The development of information and communication technology has brought major changes in the process of buying and selling shares. The purchase of shares traditionally made manually by phone or dating directly to the broker is quite time and cost with the online stock sale service is now simply done online with a computer or mobile device.


Online stock buying and selling apps are now widely used in brokers with the advantages they offer. For a novice investor certainly has concerns because investari stocks are a type of risk investary and a lot of speculation process. Here are the Steps – Steps to buy stocks for beginners in order to play it safe and reduce the level of risk of loss.

Some measures are worth noting if you want to buy shares online, especially if you want to buy a large company such as bca, unilever or other companies.

1. Choose a StockBroker

Stockbrokers are members of exchanges listed on the “Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)”. In choosing a good broker, of course, the broker must already be in IDX and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). It is recommended to choose a broker that provides a mobile application as well as facilities to practice stock buying and selling so that as a beginner can get an overview of the stock trading process in real time.

2. Register a Stock Account

After determining the right stock broker the next step is to open a stock account on the selected broker. The creation of a stock account is mandatory to be able to start buying shares. In general, the opening of this stock account can be done online then selection the right broker in order to save time by ingesting stock accounts online.

After the stock account is created do not forget to also create a customer’s fund account. The function of this account is to store the stock funds used in the process of buying and selling shares.

3. Capital Deposit

Once the account has been successfully created the next step is to deposit capital for the stock transaction prose. This capital is variative depending on your needs and capital capacity. The capital storage process is done to RDN. After the successful deposit process you can settlement the transaction after 2 days from the transaction.

4. Share Purchase Transactions

Share purchase transactions can be made after the funds are deposited in RDN. How to buy stocks online are as follows:

Select and specify the stocks you want to buy should you remember the code and do various calculations by searching for information about the stocks you choose. When you place an order, you will be asked to specify at what price you will buy the shares of your choice and in the app will see the bid price and the offer price.