How Big Do Mini St Berdoodles Get

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How Big Do Mini St Berdoodles Get. You can calculate their potential adult weight at 18 weeks by taking what they weigh at that age and multiplying it by two. But many breeders try to get the mini st berdoodles.

Sheepadoodle puppy sheepadoodle Oliver Pinterest
Sheepadoodle puppy sheepadoodle Oliver Pinterest from

From the paw to the withers you can expect them to grow up to 30”. At 12 months, your mini bernedoodle is most likely going to be at least 90% of their full weight and nearly finished growing in height, but they can continue to grow in slight amounts until they are up to 3 years old! They are a bath and dry and go dog, with little to no shedding.

It is very unlikely a smaller miniature or toy poodle than the standard poodle would breed.

There are excellent pros and cons to each size. Berdoodle size is one of the most common sizes. The st berdoodle is the largest of the doodle breeds weighing in at an average of between 70lbs and 150lbs. How big do saint berdoodle get?